The Importance Of Mehendi Ceremony Every Lady Must Know Before She Gets Married

The Importance Of Mehendi Ceremony Every Lady Must Know Before She Gets Married

events in Indian marriages is the mehendi ki raat. The beautiful bride-to-be adorns her hands and also feet with striking styles constructed of henna. According to the practices, even the groom applies a little mehendi on his hands as well as feet. The whole event is a fun-filled occasion with every relative and also friends of the new bride and the bridegroom being a part of it. Apart from being a fun pre-wedding ritual, the mehendi ceremony also has an ingrained cultural importance to it. And also, here we inform you everything about the attractive value of mehendi in Indian marriages.



Conventional Routine

Using mehendi to the bride and also the bridegroom prior to the wedding celebration is among the oldest Indian traditions.If you want to try some big designs then must check one of our favorites mehndi design in Arabic style which will soon be yours too. The event, however, involves a sophisticated application of mehendi layouts on a new bride s hands as well as feet. As for the groom, a mere token of application of henna is a mark of promise

As a wedding celebration practice, it is followed in numerous components of India along with in neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Mehendi is fairly preferred amongst Muslims. According to Islamic literary works, Prophet Muhammad used mehendi to color his beard and also provided its usage to those that wer

Henna or Mehndi is also known worldwide for its medicinal properties. It was, in fact, used as a cosmetic in earlier times due to its therapeutic features. Mehndi is widely adopted around the world as a conditioner and dye for hair by both men and women. It is a natural dye that renders a beautiful color on hair and creates a lustrous look. Also, mehndi is popular for its cooling effects, thus, used in hot climates in India and other countries. It can also help in lowering body temperature and soothe headaches, fevers, burning feet and even hysteria or a violent temper. It can increase the luster of nails, is effective in muscular rigidity and even in Jaundice.





End of story

Henna is in vogue these days with much experimentation happening on ways of its application. It is now prominently used, especially in the West, to make tattoos on different parts of the body. Tattoos are made on arms, wrists, around the navel, the shoulder or the back. Henna is now being used for body art as well.


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